Rent an email alias everyone can remember!!! offers the service of an email alias name which means that you can choose a name, possibly your first name or and this becomes your email address.

Our program receives email sent to and automatically bounces the emails to your nominated email mailbox account with any email internet server (ISP).

If you have an email account with one internet service provider (ISP) like xtra then decide to change to another ISP, like this means you have to change your email address as well. With our service your email address remains the same for life, as long as you continue to rent the email alias name.

The email address is really easy for friends and family to remember so over the years your email address will stay the same, and as this is a relatively new service there is a high possibility that your name is still available.



and don't forget the kids

and your parents

and your grandparents



So many email alias names available at affordable rates! But remember many people have the same name, so register and order your name now.

Monthly Price: $6.00 + GST = $6.75 per month, paid monthly via Bank Automatic Payment on the 20th of each month.

Annual Price: $72.00 - 20% = 57.60 + GST = $64.80 per year, ($ 4.80 +GST per month) paid by credit card in advance.



for available alias names.


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